Special Projects

Whether a bridge, schooner deck or church steeple repair we love to take on the unusual and welcome all type of projects from nonprofits, parks, businesses and individuals.  Call to discuss your unique timber needs.

Schooner Manitou - Traverse Tall Ship Company

Pool Bridge

Steeple Repair

Chicago area church steeple built in the mid 1800's that was badly decayed.  Parrish requested that as many of the original white pine timbers remain in the structure as possible.  Bottoms of the bell tower posts are charred from an earlier roof fire.

Beam Repair

The laminated frames of a church had deteriated due to exterior exposure and improper flashing.  Decayed and weakend wood was removed and a steel extension welded in place.

Threaded Table Legs

To learn more about Strong Timbers, Inc and discuss your project contact:


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